Centenary Medal – Alison Rice

First, I would like to acknowledge the many colleagues, students and staff at UBC School of Nursing for their support and inspiration over the years.

I had the privilege of studying nursing at UBC, graduating in 1967.  Our teachers instilled in us a pride in providing good nursing care. Some were later to become esteemed colleagues.

Shortly after graduating I moved to San Francisco working initially in neonatal intensive care. I soon realized that I would rather work in prevention. A job in a Community Health Centre enabled me to work in primary care, first as a community health nurse then in a nurse-practitioner role.  I loved providing primary care to our mostly Spanish-speaking clients.

During my years teaching at UBC, 1974 – 2007, I was able to continue some clinical practice.  For this I was honoured by the RNABC with an Award of Excellence for Nursing Practice (1997).  I also received Awards from the UBC Nursing Alumni Division and from BC Planned Parenthood.

In 1981 I qualified as a midwife in the UK.  Subsequently I practiced as a midwife at BC Women’s Hospital and contributed to the regulation, funding and education of midwives in BC.

Among my achievements as a UBC faculty member are designing and teaching a cross-listed Women’s Health Issues course (with Elaine Carty), designing the first undergraduate and graduate on-line distance courses, and serving on the University Senate.