Centenary Medal – Angela Wolff

Dr. Wolff is an Associate Professor at Trinity Western University, School of Nursing where she fosters the development of future leaders and researchers in the nursing discipline, including undergraduate and graduate learners. Since 1996 she began her initial journey as a Master’s student at the UBC School of Nursing, subsequently completing her PhD in Nursing in 2008. She has worked in all sectors of practice: education, regulatory, research, and practice.

Dr. Wolff is an innovative, goal-orientated, and progressive leader with unique capacity to integrate research, education, and practice for evidence-based practice and person-centered care. She has sought to support new graduate nurse transition, educator/clinical teacher development, specialty education, enhance clinical placement capacity, minimize conflict in the workplace, and broader notions of diversity within the nursing workforce. Dr. Wolff is an outstanding scholar who brings research and evidence together with clinical practice for sustainable adoption. She holds numerous research awards and is networked across the province and the country. Dr. Wolff is a Certified Health Executive with the Canadian College of Health Leaders. She is grateful for the many nurse mentors who have supported her throughout her career.