Centenary Medal – Helen Elfert

I grew up in Waterloo Ontario and studied nursing at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto.

After several years working at Calgary General Hospital, I studied at McGill, with financial assistance from the Federal Government, and received a Bachelor of Nursing. After several more years in Calgary (head nurse, then a year teaching) I returned to McGill as an instructor.

Studied for MA at NYU, with financial assistance from the Canadian Nurses Foundation. After a few more years at McGill, married and moved to Vancouver, and began teaching at UBC in 1969, where I continued till retirement in 1990. I was involved in research, and several CNA committees, and with what was then CAUSN, doing accreditation visits, and at one point as secretary when Beth McCann was president. Most of my research was working with others, Moyra Allen at McGill, Joan Anderson and Ann Hilton at UBC. In the early 70s, I helped get funding for, and administered, a large grant studying the Vancouver Women’s Health Collective.

I taught a variety of subjects at UBC, including research and statistics, and only once got to teach paediatrics, my first love.

Love retirement, and going to the School for lectures and events and to see old friends. And love my family, and three grandchildren.