Centenary Medal – Kate McNamee

Kate’s journey in health care began as a care aide in an orthopaedic rehabilitation centre in Dublin, Ireland, more than 30 years ago. Kate was inspired to apply for nursing education, but due to lengthy wait lists for nursing schools in Ireland at the time, she pursued a program in Merseyside, England. Once nursing school was completed, Kate looked to travel, and took off with her ‘fresh off the press’ nursing diploma, moving to Sunnybrook Hospital in Toronto. Two years later she made her way to BC. Kate now holds a Masters in Science degree in Nursing from the University of British Columbia, and achieved her Canadian Nurses Association (CNA) Certification in Hospice Palliative Care in 2007. Since 2012 she has worked as a mentor for all RNs working towards CNA certification in BC, and has also offered mentorship and distance support for RNs from other provinces including Quebec and Saskatchewan. In her current role as leader of the Care Experience at Providence Health Care, Kate promotes excellence in person and family centred care throughout the organization, and through partnerships with external organisations. She is passionate about supporting all people who interface with the health care system to have an exceptional experience and be treated as full partners in care. To Kate, this means working to understand individual and collective experiences by authentically listening to patient and family stories.