Centenary Medal – Lily Lee

Lily Lee was born and raised at Alert Bay at the north end of Vancouver Island. When she was 16 she left Alert Bay and attended UBC. At 18 she went to Vancouver General Hospital (VGH) to attend nursing school and obtained her registered nursing degree at the age of 21. Then she continued on to UBC where she obtained a bachelors in science in nursing. After graduating she became a public health nurse at the downtown East side. She met her husband, Robert H. Lee, at UBC. Robert eventually became the chancellor of UBC. Since this time she has had four kids and has lived in Vancouver for her whole life. Lily has always remembered her health care roots from UBC and continues to be very involved in community health services in Vancouver where she has been involved with the Robert and Lily Lee Health Centre at Broadway and Commercial as well as making significant donations to VGH and is now developing a new health centre in the downtown Eastside that will consolidate the fragmented services within the area. Lily is also very proud that all four of her children all graduated from UBC.