Centenary Medal – Mitch Erickson

Mitch Erickson graduated from the University of British Columbia twice, once in 1981 from Agricultural Sciences with a major in Food Science and Human Nutrition and then from the School of Nursing in 1989.  During the intervening years, he worked at UBC doing bench research in Nutritional Sciences and in Psychiatry.  His psychiatric genetics research focusing on patients with schizophrenia and took him to Columbia University doing site research in Prince Edward Island as a joint effort with UBC.  It was in PEI at the Biennial Meeting of CNA, he and a student colleague in 1989 successfully lobbied the Canadian Nursing Association to add a student delegate to the national board.  In 1990, recognizing the current limitations in clinical and academic nursing careers in Canada, moved to the United States.  Over the following nearly 30 years he completed his graduate education at the University of California San Francisco in 1997 and has held several clinical and administrative positions.  He was the first nurse practitioner hospitalist at UCSF Health to bring more advanced practice providers to inpatient management and in Emergency Medicine was the first advanced practice provider to pioneer the broad management of all clinical presentations and maintains current practice. He currently fills the role as first Director of Advanced Practice for UCSF Health in San Francisco Bay Area, overseeing the practice of 562 advanced practice providers including nurse practitioners, nurse midwives, nurse anesthetists, and physician assistants.  He holds a joint appointment as an associate clinical professor at the UCSF School of Nursing as faculty since 1993.  He is the current elected Chair of the Board of Registered Nursing’s Advanced Practice Advisory Committee in Sacramento and Chairs the University of California Strategy Committee for all the UC Health Systems in California and sits on the UCSF Health Executive Medical Board.  He has held several board positions with Doctors for Global Health (DGH), a non-profit organization partnering with communities around the globe supporting their efforts to create a healthy community.  DGH involvement stems from an interest in global health and health equality based on the principles of liberation medicine.  He has volunteered in El Salvador and South Africa providing primary care services.

Over his career he has served on multiple task forces within the health system focusing on efforts to improve clinical management of specific illnesses that apply evidence-based medicine to practice.  His current focus is on standardizing advanced practice roles to maximize scope and optimizing their contributions to patient management.  Working under the current scope of practice under California state regulation has worked to streamline productivity metrics, creating communication strategies for large advance practice work forces, address attrition issues within human resource frameworks, act as the liaison to the health system by providing voice to the advanced practice group, and remain as a political voice in the state. He is a long-time member of the Golden Gate/Bay Area Chapter of the California Association of Nurse Practitioners and is a delegate representative to the organization regarding legislative matters and the organization’s structure and bylaws.