Centenary Medal – Sonia Acorn

Sonia Acorn was born and raised on Prince Edward Island. She was the only girl with four brothers, and states that her brothers were “a nuisance at times (as brothers can be) but were great siblings to grow up with.” She married in PEI as well but soon obtained her BSN at McGill University. Her nursing practice includes a stint in mental health nursing with staff development and training at the PEI Civil Service Commission. With a view to continuing her education and enhancing her practice, she obtained her MSc at Boston University and PhD at the University of Utah. Sonia began her long association with UBC’s School of Nursing when she took a teaching position in 1988. From 2000 to 2002 Sonia accepted the role of Interim Director. She notes that “The faculty and staff were excellent to work with.”

Sonia and her husband have enjoyed travelling together and have traveled to New Zealand, Australia, China, Egypt, Jordan, Turkey, and most European countries. Additionally. Sonia has traveled to Japan, India, and Saudi Arabia.