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AUGUST 2023 | Congratulations to Judith Fairholm, BSN ’72 who has been awarded the 2023 Alumni Achievement Award – Global Citizen in recognition of her career-long commitment to violence prevention, child protection, and gender equality across Canada and the world.

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Nursing Highlights from The Totem ’29 This page offers a glimpse into nursing student life found in a UBC yearbook from 1929. That the university was ever small enough to publish a yearbook that encompassed the entirety of the student body is a marvel in comparison to today. The he jovial and colloquial tone of the yearbook suggests a friendly, perhaps less bureaucratic time and place where students may not have had very much difficulty in recognizing one another while crossing campus.

On another note, we are called to recognize the use of appropriated imagery and title for the yearbook. This speaks to ways of thinking, policies, and treatment of Indigenous peoples that form the basis of UBC’s origins and continue to resonate today. “The Totem” remained the name of the UBC yearbook for many graduating classes. When the campus grew too large to accommodate everyone in a single book, only then did faculties begin to publish their own yearbooks under new names. For further consideration of this aspect of the UBC Yearbook, many of the originals are housed in UBC Library archives and digitized for online access.