Centenary Medal – Madeleine Dion Stout

Madeleine (Kétéskwew) Dion Stout CM is an award-winning Cree author, speaker, and health care professional. She was appointed to the Order of Canada in 2015. Madeleine was born and raised on the Kehewin First Nation in Alberta. She graduated as a registered nurse from the Edmonton General Hospital in 1968 and earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing in 1982 . Dion Stout was one of the first Indigenous women to graduate from a university level nursing program. In 1993, she earned a master’s degree in International Affairs from Carleton University in Ottawa. Madeleine has held numerous appointments on professional committees and associations including the Canadian Indigenous Nurses Association and the First Nations Health Authority in BC. and has served in honorary roles at historical nursing events. She received a Doctor of Laws from the University of British Columbia in 2004 and was appointed an Honorary Professor and Affiliate Faculty by the Board of Governors the same year. She has authored and co-authored articles on Indigenous peoples’ health and well-being many in collaboration with nursing colleagues at UBC. Dion Stout is currently self-employed as the President of Dion Stout Reflections Inc. and currently speaks throughout the country on topics relating to Indigenous health, reconciliation, and healing with her main point of reference being her Cree language.