Patricia “Patty” (Mathers) Ward (BSN ’66)

I began my nursing studies at UBC in 1962. In 1965/66, the final year of my BSN studies, I was chosen by my classmates to be President of the Nursing Undergraduate Society (NUS) and to represent the NUS on the AMS Council of 1965/66. As president of the NUS, it also fell to me to host the annual gathering of senior engineering students who would choose a nursing undergraduate student to assume the role of Lady Godiva, the ‘patron saint’ of engineers, for the ‘Lady Godiva Ride’ held annually during Engineering week in March. In the 1960’s the chosen Lady Godiva would then wear an engineering red and white sweater, while riding on a horse that was led through and around the campus by several engineering students. The group that I hosted chose from several willing 4th year nursing classmates and nominated Diane (Hunter) MacLeod as the Lady Godiva of 1966. The rest of us were a little bit jealous!

Thirty-eight years later, while on a voyage exploring the Waterways of Russia in 2004, I was in the company of 20 UBC Alumni, amongst whom were two UBC graduate engineers. The two engineers and I talked about the good old days and giggled and decided to host a soiree for the UBC alumni on the cruise, with an invitation that read “Lady Godiva requests …” . On the evening of the event I made my entry into the party riding/carried (fully clothed) on the backs of the two engineers. Much laughter and happy reminiscing ensued! And I raised a toast to Diane!

Story provided by Patty Ward