Alumni of the Class of 1961

The class of 1961 was the last of the combined UBC/VGH programme. It involved a year of Arts and first-year Nursing at UBC. Then the class entered the VGH program for two and a half years living in the residence, going through the progression of uniform changes of probie, intermediate and senior; graduated and became Registered Nurses. The class then returned to UBC for another year where the focus was on non-hospital practice in public health, administration, teaching and the broader aspects of health and illness with month-long field studies in each area. Fourth year students taught the first year students in their initial May/June clinical hospital practicums, supervised by the Faculty. A major project was due in October for graduation in November. The class of ’61 remains a close-knit group, which continues to hold two-day reunions, with husbands in tow, every two-and-a-half years and yearly luncheons in the years between. We fondly remember our friends and colleagues.

Levona (Sleen) Bell (1939 – 2023)
Jane (Schell) Cameron (1939 – 2023)
Margaret (Baird) Wilson ( 1939 – 2023)
Robin (Ransom) Copeland  (1939 – 2017)
Marion (McCombs) Burroughs (1938 – 2016)
Wendy (Lane) MacIntyre (1938 – 2016)
Mary Beth (Melville) Matousek (1938 – 2015)
Margaret Ann (Gourlay) Turner (1938 – 2014)
Jean Olsen (2010)
Marie (McFarland) Whitney (2007)
Margo (Dunbar) Cross (1938 – 2003)
Joyce (Jenkins) Campbell (1938 – 1997)
Nan (Mackenzie) Beaudoin (1938 – 1993)
Jeanette (Libby) Cahill (1938 – 1993)

And husbands who became part of the class:

Dr. Ken Turnbull (2022) husband of Deanna (Gourlay) Turnbull
Peter Miller (2022) husband of Naomi (Walsh) Miller
Alan Paul (2020) husband of Julia (Birdsall) Paul
Court Haddock (2017) husband of Joan (Lapworth) Haddock
Jim Callanan (2016) – husband of Eileen(McGhee/Lightfoot) Callanan
Henry Kliewer (2016) – husband of Pauline (Peters) Kliewer
Bruce Copeland (2014) Robin (Ransom) Copeland