Carmel Chambers (BSN ’82, MA)

Carmel Chambers, a devoted nurse, mother, grandmother, partner and friend will be truly missed. A passionate and determined woman in all that she did, Carmel is now at peace. Born in Australia, and a true Aussie always, she also put down roots in Canada and was loyally Canadian from her arrival in 1960. She grew up in the wide-open spaces of Larras Lee Station in New South Wales, trained as a nurse in Sydney, before embarking in worldly explorations. En route back to Australia she got sidetracked in Toronto by Bruce Chambers (who became her partner of 22 years), and since then lived in Ontario, Quebec, and B.C.

Besides working as a nurse in various places including Papua New Guinea and teaching at UBC and Kwantlen College, Carmel did an MA in adult education at UBC and was a reader, thinker, fixer of practically everything, builder of houses, a computer nerd, a dog and cat whisperer, and a passionate opera and classical music fan.

She will be missed by her children Karl (Sandy) and Mimi (Eddie) and her grandchildren Blake, Paige, Charlotte, Brooke; Bruce Chambers; Jean Wilson; and Hottie (the Calico cat).

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