Naureen Mukhi (BSN ’16)

My name is Naureen Mukhi and I am a proud UBC Nursing Alumni.

My passion for nursing began in 2006 when I was a teenager volunteering for the rehabilitation and reconstruction in the communities of the Azad Kashmir and North of Pakistan, after a devastating earthquake of 7.6 magnitude in 2005.

After immigrating to Canada with my family from Pakistan in 2013 and getting admission to the University of British Columbia (UBC), I made up my mind to pursue nursing as a profession. I accomplished my dream when I graduated with a BSN from UBC in May 2016. My two years with the School of Nursing were life changing. My inspiring mentors, passionate peers and lively patients all taught me so much.

For six months after graduating I worked as a staff nurse in the Medical and Stroke Unit at Burnaby Hospital. During these months I discovered my interest for adult oncology and decided to apply in an oncology specialized setting. I joined the BC Cancer – Vancouver Centre in January 2017. Shortly after, I was certified for chemotherapy and I began to build my skills in new settings like the Support Centre, on phone lines, in the ambulatory care clinic, and in the chemotherapy suite.

My big inspiration came in October, 2017 when I was given an opportunity to attend Canadian Association of Nursing in Oncology (CANO) conference in Ottawa. Other opportunities included, to be a part of the CANO BC executive team, and to offer a role as a systemic therapy nurse in our new Genitourinary (GU) clinic. All this has provided me with a superb platform on which to share my experiences as a new graduate now working in oncology.

I love being an oncology nurse. I am taught something new every day, not only from my coworkers but from the people of all ages and background who visit here. I learn from their life experience and wisdom. They make me realize to value my precious life and to cherish every moment, they teach me how to be thankful for what little I have.

Moving forward, I am planning to get myself CNA Oncology certified and build my capacity in oncology nursing research and practice. Eventually plan to pursue a Masters in Nursing. In my free time I volunteer as a first aider in my community prayer place. I like doing calligraphy, haircutting and sometimes painting.

To UBC nursing students, I say: make the most of your studies at UBC. The mentors at UBC were my role models. Talk to them, discuss your aspirations and learn from their nursing journey. Nursing is not only a profession but a passion if you want to excel. Every nurse is a leader and every nurse at any position can make a difference!

Written by Naureen Mukhi