Alumni of the Class of 1961

The class of 1961 was the last of the combined UBC/VGH programme. It involved a year of Arts and first-year Nursing at UBC. Then the class entered the VGH program for two and a half years living in the residence, going through the progression of uniform changes of probie, intermediate and senior; graduated and became Registered Nurses. The class then returned to UBC for another year where the focus was on non-hospital practice in public health, administration, teaching and the broader aspects of health and illness with month-long field studies in each area. Fourth year students taught the first year students in their initial May/June clinical pr, supervised by the Faculty. A major project was due in October for graduation in November. The class of ’61 remains a close-knit group, which continues to hold two-day reunions, with husbands in tow, every two-and-a-half years. We fondly remember our friends and colleagues:

Robin (Ransom) Copeland  1939-2017
and husband Bruce Copeland (2014)
Marion (McCombs) Burroughs 1938-2016
Wendy (Lane) MacIntyre (1938 – 2016)
Mary Beth (Melville)Matousek (1938 – 2015)
Margaret Ann (Gourlay) Turner (1938 – 2014)
Margo (Dunbar) Cross (1938 – 2003)
Joyce (Jenkins) Campbell (1938 – 1997)
Nan (Mackenzie) Beaudoin (1938 – 1993)
Jeanette (Libby) Cahill (1938 – 1993)

Court Haddock (2017) husband of Joan (Lapworth) Haddock
Jim Callanan(2016) – husband of Eileen(McGhee/Lightfoot) Callanan
Henry Kliewer (2016) – husband of Pauline (Peters) Kliewer